10 Reasons You Need A Houston Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident On The Side Of The Road

About six million car accidents occur across the US every year. As a result, about three million people sustain injuries. Another two million people develop lasting disabilities.

Over 70% of cases result in property damage, with another 27% causing nonfatal injuries.

If you were recently injured in a car accident, contact a Houston car accident attorney right away. You don’t have to pay for your losses out of pocket. With their help, you can fight for compensation to cover property damage, lost wages, and more.

On the fence about hiring a personal injury lawyer? Here are 10 reasons to find the best Houston car accident lawyer right away.

After reading this guide, you can make a choice with your future and best interests in mind. Discover why you need to hire a lawyer with this guide today.

1. Avoid Settling Too Soon

It’s normal to want to put a serious car accident behind you, especially if you sustained injuries. Rushing through the process, however, could impact your future. You might not realize you have multiple legal options before you.

Meanwhile, the insurance company will want to close the case as soon as possible as well. They won’t have your best interests in mind. 

Call a Houston car accident attorney before you settle a claim. Otherwise, you might unintentionally accept a lowball offer. You might not realize you left money on the table until it’s too late.

After a crash, make sure to call a lawyer. Then, visit a doctor. Only a doctor can assess your medical state. 

The doctor’s report can help prove you were injured due to the crash.

Otherwise, the insurance company might argue you sustained your injuries another way.

Working with a lawyer will ensure you cover your bases.

2. Know What to Say

Remember, the insurance company won’t have your best interests at heart. In fact, they might use something you say offhand against you in the future.

Don’t try to handle negotiations with the insurance company alone. Instead, contact a personal injury lawyer with experience handling insurance companies.

They’ll have more intimate knowledge about the laws and procedures that can impact your case. They can coach you before you speak with the insurance adjuster.

With a lawyer’s help, you can avoid saying anything that might negatively impact your case.

3. Prove the Extent of Your Injuries

Between 20 and 50 million people sustain non-fatal injuries as a result of car crashes worldwide. Remember, many people also sustain lasting disabilities. 

Your doctor’s assessment can help prove the extent of your injuries. It’s important to visit a doctor immediately after the crash, though. Otherwise, the insurance company will argue there was a gap in treatment.

After your initial appointment, make sure to follow up, too.

Keep a record of any medical documents related to the accident, including notes about:

  • Expenses
  • The doctors and specialists you visited
  • Medical tests (like X-rays)
  • Treatments and medications you receive

Your personal injury lawyer can use this information to prove the extent of your injuries. They might have a medical expert speak to your injuries, too.

Proving the extent of your injuries can help maximize your claim. 

4. Gather Evidence

In order to build a solid case, you’ll need to gather evidence to prove the other driver was at fault. Even with a minor accident, evidence might include:

  • The police officer’s official report
  • Medical records
  • Photo and video footage 
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Statements from all drivers involved

Your personal injury lawyer can also rely on expert professionals when building your case. For example, they might hire an investigator or accident reconstruction expert.

The evidence they gather can help prove your side of the story. 

5. Fend Off Scare Tactics

The insurance company will want you to settle for as little as possible. They might use the fact that you’re on pain medications against you as a result. Don’t let the insurance company scare you into accepting a settlement.

The insurance company might even deny your accident claim. If your claim is denied, contact a lawyer right away. 

Instead, make sure to consult the best Houston car accident attorney. They can help you stand against these scare tactics.

6. Determine Fault

When building a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll need to prove the other driver was at fault.

Unfortunately, liability isn’t always clear.

Some cases involve driver-related factors like fatigue, distraction, and impairment. For example, perhaps the other driver was texting and driving. Maybe you were hit by a drunk driver instead.

The evidence your lawyer gathers can help prove the other driver’s negligence caused the accident.

In other cases, however, the driver might try to blame you for the accident. Make sure to hire a personal injury lawyer right away. They can gather evidence to begin building your defense. 

Circumstances can make determining fault more complicated at times, however. For example, perhaps you were driving on hazardous road conditions. You could file a claim against a government entity instead.

If your vehicle was defective, you might consider filing a product liability claim against the parties involved in manufacturing the vehicle. 

Make sure to find a lawyer with experience handling cases similar to yours. They’ll know how to proceed to help you fight for compensation. 

They’ll protect your best interests every step of the way. 

7. Calculate Losses

The economic cost of traffic crashes reached $242 billion a year. Societal costs due to the effects of these crashes on victims cost another $594 billion.

The next time you’re in a car accident, make sure to gather all costs related to your case. That includes damages to your vehicle and medical expenses. Keep track of your lost wages as you’re healing from your injuries, too.

When fighting for compensation after a car accident, these are only a few of the losses you can consider. Without a Houston car accident attorney at your side, you might not know how to accurately calculate your losses.

For example, many people neglect to consider the emotional costs of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering aren’t easy to calculate if you lack experience, either.

Your personal injury lawyer will make sure you don’t leave money on the table.

Instead, they’ll consider every loss, including current and future medical expenses that are related to your case. They’ll calculate recent and future lost expenses, too.

They’ll also consider your loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment in life, and loss of earning capacity.

With an experienced lawyer at your side, you can pursue the full amount of compensation you’re rightfully due. 

8. Experience and Expertise

If you’ve never considered legal action after a car accident, you might not realize the options that are available to you. Instead, schedule a consultation appointment with the best Houston car accident lawyer. You and your lawyer can discuss the details of your case.

Then, they can outline your legal options to help you make an informed decision.

You can rely on your lawyer’s prior experience and expertise. They can explain the potential outcomes that might occur. You can also ask about the similar cases they’ve handled in the past.

They can use those past experiences to determine your best course of action moving forward.

If you try to handle your case alone, you could make costly mistakes along the way. You might miss a crucial deadline or file a document incorrectly.

You’re already healing from your accident. You shouldn’t have to worry about documents and legal procedures on top of everything else. With a personal injury lawyer at your side, you don’t have to become an expert.

Instead, turn to your lawyer for guidance. They’ll help you through every step of the process.

9. File a Lawsuit

If the other driver was at fault for the accident, you might want to file a lawsuit to fight for compensation. Make sure to talk to a personal injury lawyer first. They’ll make sure you work through the process correctly.

If your case goes to trial, you can feel prepared. Your lawyer will build your case and help handle settlement negotiations.

The entire process can take time and effort. Hiring a lawyer with experience handling car crash cases in court can simplify the process. 

10. Peace of Mind

If you’ve never handled a car accident case alone, it’s normal to feel stressed and uncertain. Hiring the best Houston car accident lawyer can give you peace of mind.

You can lean on them for the support you need. Meanwhile, you can feel confident knowing they have your best interests in mind. 

Fight for Compensation: 10 Reasons to Hire a Houston Car Accident Attorney Today

You don’t have to handle a personal injury lawsuit on your own. Instead, consider hiring a Houston car accident attorney. You can rely on their experience and expertise to simplify the entire process.

With their help, you can fight for compensation to cover your losses from the crash. 

Eager to discuss the details of your case with a member of our team? We’re here to help.

Call us for a free consultation today.

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