Texas Game Farm Fires Can Be Deadly: Why To Hire a Burned Property Attorney

Texas Deer Hunting Ranch

A Texas Garm Farm fire can burn tens to thousands of acres of land in a very short period of time. Once you consider how a single ember can travel more than a mile from where a fire originated, it’s no surprise that these types of fires can have devastating effects.

If you live or work on a game farm in Texas, a potential fire may be a worry you think about often. What would you do if a fire were to break out? What might the effects be on your property? How would you go about dealing with all of the issues a damaging fire would cause?

We’ve put together a guide that discusses why a game farm fire can be so dangerous and deadly, and how a burned property attorney can help you through it. 

What Are the Dangers of a Ranch Fire?

Wildfires are unpredictable, and a lot of factors go into how large a fire will be or how quickly it will spread. 

You might have a fire like the West Ranch fire in Colorado that burned 12 acres, or one more similar to the Porter Ranch fire in California that took 14,000 acres. The fire could also result in a loss of life, such as the chicken ranch fire that killed over 100,000 chickens in Arizona. 

How far away you are from the fire department or the nearest large water source is another factor. The longer it takes firefighters to reach the ranch, the more destruction that is likely to occur.  

Add in wind as an additional factor, and a fire can spread much faster. The higher the wind speed, the more area a fire will take over. 

But no matter how big or small the fire is, it’s possible that it will cause irreversible damage. Here are a few things that can happen because of a ranch fire. 

Destroys Game Farm Habitat, Structures, and Loss Revenue

Having your Game Farm burn down is a traumatic experience. Not only is it expensive to replace such habitat, structures, and loss of income but you may lose important items that were inside the structures.

Game farm fires are unfortunately common in areas where wind turbines and wind farms are prevalent. Due to faulty wind farm equipment wildfires start and spread often. They create many dangers for those inside and outside of game farms structures. 

Burns Habitat

While having your habitat burn is better than a loss of life, it still has detrimental effects. It takes time and money to get the land ready for growing again, not to mention the loss of money due to the crops and land that burned up in the first place. 

And the more land that burns, the more time and money that burns with it. 

For a game farm that makes most of its money off of the land, having your fields burn up is a loss that results in distress and frustration. 

Leads to Loss of Life and Injuries

Structures, barns, and crops are ultimately replaced. But the loss of life and revenue isn’t.

Game Farm fires happen quickly, making it more difficult to save all of the habitat and animals on the property. This can lead to a devastating loss for the game farm.  

In luckier cases, a person or animal may leave the fire with only minor injuries.

All of these situations take a financial and emotional strain on someone who is dealing with a fire’s effects. 

How Can a Game Farm or Burned Property Attorney Help?

In the wake of such a stressful and overwhelming experience, it is understandable not to know what action to take after your property has been damaged or destroyed by a fire. Here are a few ways a burned property attorney can help you through the process. 

Navigate Insurance Claims

Understanding what your insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover can be complicated. All of that fine print isn’t something you want to have to spend hours deciphering after dealing with a fire.

By hiring a burned property attorney, you’ll have a guide to walk you through the entire process. They’ll be able to explain the details of your insurance policy and how to file the necessary claims. 

Fight for Your Compensation

If a fire destroyed your property that wasn’t your fault, you should be compensated for the trouble and loss it caused you. You shouldn’t have to pay for all of the damages and replacements yourself. 

This is where a burned property attorney comes into play. With their years of experience, they’ll be able to advocate for the money you deserve. Not only that, but they’ll be able to give you a good idea of how much compensation is in your reach and how to best go about receiving it. 

Offer Peace of Mind

When you go through a stressful and upsetting experience, sometimes just knowing that someone is there to offer you help and advice can lift your spirits and give you hope.

A burned property attorney can be there to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and fight for you and your game farm’s best interests. They’ll give you the peace of mind you deserve while showing you you’re in good hands. 

Tackle the Effects of a Ranch Fire with Our Help

By now you’re well aware of the dangers of a ranch fire. Even when practicing methods of prevention, sometimes fires still happen. 

If a game farm fire happens on your property, you shouldn’t have to put in all of the mental, physical, and emotional energy to resolve the problem yourself. 

At Morgan Legal Group, we’re here to help you. As an experienced burned property attorney, we can help you get the settlement you need and deserve. 

If you’ve experienced a game farm fire in Texas, contact us today so we can help you deal with the process as you begin to restore your ranch. 

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