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What To Do if You Have Fallen in a Wind Turbine Accident?

Did you know that accidents involving the wind turbine sector are pretty frequent? But, you will not often hear of a wind turbine accident discussed in the open. Data on accidents and safety issues are scarce for the wind industry.

Owners will not make accidents known, vendors are hesitant to talk about it, and reporting requirements differ by state or county. According to data from the United Kingdom, there were 163 accidents in the wind power sector overall in 2016, and five were fatal. The assumption is that the real numbers, which may be ten times greater, are underreported.

Because of this, it is impossible to estimate how often part failures happen, even though news reports have noted them in almost all states with substantial wind fleets. This means that individuals who work in the wind energy industry are more inclined to suffer harm or personal injuries.

People who get hurt on the job might not know where to turn for assistance. We can help guide you through the process. Continue reading to find out what to do if you suffer from injuries involving a wind turbine accident.

What Can Happen?

Wind turbines are intricate machinery that, if not planned, built, or maintained in a proper way may be deadly. Inadequate or incorrect training of employees, managers, and supervisors can also result in accidents. A catastrophic injury at a wind farm could result in high out-of-pocket medical costs and a long-term disability that could be financially crippling.

For this reason, it’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable wind turbine injuries lawyer to determine whether you have a case. Unfortunately, several causes might lead to injury due to equipment failure during the use of a wind turbine. The following are the most common issues facing employees in the wind turbine industry:

  • Poor examination and maintenance of turbine equipment
  • Gearbox failure brought on by misalignment or inadequate lubrication
  • Premature failure of anchor bolts
  • Numerous human errors, such as falls, fires, and structural flaws
  • Inadequate foundational security for wind turbine equipment
  • Improper handling or storage of flammable or combustible materials
  • Poor safety harnesses that cause falls
  • Choosing the incorrect route to bring huge turbine machinery to a farm
  • Unfavorable sea conditions that make it difficult for the turbine to operate safely
  • Strong gusts that blow workers in the direction of the blades or force the blades to fall
  • Technicians who lack the necessary training for using wind turbine equipment safely
  • Wind turbine employees who lack the necessary protective equipment
  • Not enough crew members working with the wind turbine equipment
  • Defective wind turbine apparatus purchased by the vessel or rig’s owner, contractor, or employer
  • Poor mechanical design resulting in blades breaking off while in use
  • Poor design of the workplace
  • Communication system malfunctions
  • Failure to use wind turbine equipment for the intended purpose
  • A chaotic or unmaintained workplace

Employers in the wind energy industry have a responsibility to safeguard their workers from dangers on the job. Furthermore, they are responsible for educating all workers on workplace safety and health regulations so that they are aware of how to protect themselves from harm and even wrongful death.

It’s crucial to get in touch with an accident lawyer that specializes in wind turbine accidents after an injury. They know the law, industry regulations, and how to proceed with this particular kind of situation.

Injuries You May Suffer in a Wind Turbine Accident

Accidents that cause workers to suffer mild to serious injuries can happen when a wind turbine performance gets compromised or affected by unidentified issues that make the operation unsafe. Several wind turbine accidents that caused harm or death are documented by the Department of Occupational Health and Safety. 

Injury sustained when operating a wind turbine is often significant and sometimes deadly due to the height, complexity, and components of a wind turbine. These injuries may include the following:

  • Limb amputation
  • Mild, substantial, or severe traumatic brain trauma resulting in paralysis, disability, or a coma
  • Injuries to the back or spinal cord
  • Complete or partial paralysis
  • Torn muscles or ligaments
  • Death

People other than workers are also injured as a result of wind turbines. When pieces of wind turbine equipment fall to the ground or when victims come into touch with electrical systems supporting the turbine, accidents involving maritime employees, utility/construction workers, and civilians have all happened.

What to Do if You Have Suffered a Wind Turbine Injury

Notify your supervisor as soon as possible if you suffer an injury while working at a wind farm. Be sure to adhere to the formal accident reporting process that most businesses have in place. 

Make sure to get medical attention for your injuries as soon as you can. You might not be aware of how severe your injuries are since your adrenaline may still be surging.

Make a thorough note of the events leading up to the accident and keep a record of your injuries and any medical care you receive. Your employer might want to know what transpired before, during, and following the incident. If there were any witnesses, be sure to also obtain their contact information. 

Can You Sue for Your Injuries? 

The public may file lawsuits against wind farm owners and operators if they suffer harm as a result of their carelessness; injured employees, however, sometimes are not permitted to do so. Workers’ compensation often pays for accidents that happen at work.

Your employer may be liable for your injuries if you can demonstrate that they willfully took measures that they knew could cause them. If you’re unclear, it’s essential to get in touch with a reliable Texas wind farm accident lawyer who can assist you with your legal options. 

If suing your employer is not an option, your lawyer will make every effort to find someone else who they can hold liable for your injuries. Your attorney may file a lawsuit against a third-party corporation, for instance, if a component that caused your injuries was created by that company. 

Why You Should Hire an Attorney 

There are several reasons why you should hire a lawyer to assist you in receiving the settlement you are due for your injuries and financial losses. One is that your lawyer is impartial regarding your case. 

This means that your lawyer does not experience the same feelings and pain that you did as a result of the incident. When you are hurt, it’s possible that you want to sue your employer for all they did to you and that you are unable to distinguish between fact and emotion. Instead, personal injury attorneys are cool-headed and capable of handling the situation without being over-emotional. 

There are other reasons why hiring an attorney for your accident will benefit you. Here are a few more benefits:

You Can Save Valuable Time

When dealing with a wind turbine accident, your lawyer will acquire your medical records, examine police reports and medical charts, and correspond back and forth with your workplace representative. This requires a lot of time and energy that you may not be up for following your accident. 

While you concentrate on getting better and recovering from your injuries, your lawyer will have the resources and the time to handle your case. Also, they can meet any deadlines that are relevant to your case.

You May Receive a Higher Settlement

People who retain a lawyer to handle their injury cases are more likely to obtain larger settlements. They may walk away with more compensation than they would have if they handled the situation themselves. 

This is important to understand. Your personal injury lawyer can support your case as they have a team of investigators and are familiar with the personal injury claim procedure. A knowledgeable attorney will fight for you in ways that you can’t fight for yourself.

There are many issues that many people need to be aware of, even though wind farms can create hundreds of thousands of opportunities for many American workers. It can be pretty stressful and scary to sustain a wind farm injury, especially if your workplace or another third-party organization is to blame. But, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Contact a Wind Turbine Injuries Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Have you been injured in a wind turbine accident? If so, it’s crucial to hire an attorney you can trust. Work with a professional who keeps up with this area of the law because the unique maritime, state, federal, and local regulations that govern the wind turbine industry are in constant flux.

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