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Wind power has become a significant energy contributor worldwide, and this is good news for wind farm workers, wind technicians, and the families these workers support. However, when this power becomes too much to handle, it can cause severe injuries. Wind technicians and those who work at wind farms risk being severely injured in wind farm and wind turbine accidents. 

Wind farm accidents include injuries and deaths from falls from height, falling objects and tools, shock and electrocution, and equipment failures. Many times the accidents are the result of the wind companies attempting to maximize profits at the expense of the safety of the employees.

Wind farm accidents occur when the equipment used at the wind farm, the wind turbines (sometimes called windmills), or the infrastructure at the wind farm have unsafe design flaws, are installed improperly, are improperly inspected, or are not appropriately maintained. 

A wind farm accident attorney can help victims of these accidents recover compensation to ensure the victims can pay their medical bills and continue to support themselves and their families.

After a severe wind farm accident, the wind farm companies will investigate the accident. The accident investigators almost always are employees of the wind farm companies and are trained in the wind farm companies’ investigation techniques. Not unpredictably, frequently, the wind farm companies’ investigation results in a report that they did nothing wrong, and the injured wind farm workers are to blame for their injuries.

Even if a wind farm accident victim is partially liable, it is still possible to seek justice for the injuries they suffered. The victim of a wind farm accident should not accept what the company’s investigators report about the accident as the final verdict of why the accident occurred and who was responsible. A wind farm accident victim should consult an experienced wind farm accident attorney and allow their attorney to determine liability after conducting an independent non-biased investigation of their accident. 

Wind farm accident victims should consult an experienced wind farm accident attorney to determine if they can recover compensation for their injuries above what workers compensation provides. Commonly, the general public can sue the owners and operators of wind farms if they are injured due to the owners’ or operators’ negligence. Unfortunately, however, in most cases, injured wind farm workers cannot sue their employers and are limited to collecting workers compensation benefits when they get hurt while performing their job.

There are exceptions to the rule of law that workers compensation is the exclusive remedy for an injured worker. One exception is when an employer purposely took actions that the employer knew might result in an injury. However, the victim of a wind farm accident should be aware that the courts have narrowly construed the exceptions to workers compensation. As such, injured wind farm workers are advised to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can determine whether an exception is applicable.

Even if an injured wind farm worker cannot sue their employer, the wind farm worker may still be able to sue other companies that caused or contributed to the injuries. If an injured wind farm employee can’t sue their employer, a knowledgeable wind farm lawyer may be able to identify a responsible third party by investigating the cause of the accident. For example, suppose the accident was caused by a specific component of a wind turbine that was designed and manufactured by a third-party company that does not employ the injured wind farm employee; in that case, the component manufacturer can be held responsible for the negligence that caused the injuries.

Wind farm accidents are often life-altering. Wind technicians and wind farm workers are exposed to more extreme risks than are commonly present in other industries. Wind technicians and wind farm workers often work at dangerous heights, with heavy machinery and equipment, in extreme weather conditions, and in the presence of high voltage. Many times wind farm workers and wind technicians face these extreme risks all at the same time.  When an accident does occur, it is common for wind farm accident victims to sustain injuries that take months or years to recover from, if the injuries can be overcome at all. 

It is crucial that wind farm accident victims hire an experienced wind farm accident attorney. Wind farm companies begin to take steps immediately after an accident to protect themselves from liability.  These companies have attorneys that review witness statements and investigation reports to minimize the companies’ exposure to liability. Wind farm accident victims need an experienced wind farm injury lawyer to advocate for them to ensure their rights are protected.

Those injured at a wind farm should consult an experienced wind farm injury attorney as quickly as possible after the accident. After an accident at a wind farm that causes severe injuries, the wind farm companies will investigate the accident. Sometimes governmental agencies, such as OSHA, will conduct investigations alongside the wind farm companies. 

Once these investigations are complete, the companies often begin making repairs, replacing parts, and returning the wind turbine and the wind farm to normal operations. During this process, the wind farm companies often fail to preserve evidence necessary for the injured worker to pursue a claim and receive compensation for the severe injuries. An experienced wind farm accident attorney will give the wind farm companies the proper notice necessary to ensure all the evidence is preserved. 

The founder of Morgan Legal Group, Attorney Clinton Morgan, spent over a decade working in the wind industry before attending law school and practicing law. Attorney Morgan was a Master Level Accident Investigator for one of the nation’s largest energy companies. Attorney Morgan is an expert at conducting investigations and understands the complexities of working at a wind farm power plant. If you were injured while working at a wind farm, you need an experienced wind farm injury attorney to advocate and fight for justice for you against the wind farm companies.

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