Xochi is a celebrated Mexican restaurant located in Houston, Texas. Helmed by renowned chef Hugo Ortega, Xochi showcases the rich and diverse culinary traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Known for its vibrant flavors, authentic ingredients, and artistic presentations, Xochi offers a unique dining experience. see more

Here’s some information about Xochi:

  1. Concept and Cuisine: Xochi is dedicated to highlighting the flavors and ingredients of the Oaxacan region of Mexico. The menu showcases traditional Oaxacan dishes with a modern twist, incorporating local and seasonal ingredients. Oaxacan cuisine is known for its complex moles, unique use of corn, rich mezcal culture, and diverse culinary traditions.
  2. Chef Hugo Ortega: Chef Hugo Ortega, a James Beard Award-winning chef, co-owns and operates Xochi. Born and raised in Mexico, Chef Ortega draws inspiration from his heritage and experiences, infusing his dishes with passion and authenticity. He is known for his commitment to showcasing Mexican cuisine and elevating it to new heights.
  3. Signature Dishes: Xochi offers a range of dishes that celebrate the diverse flavors of Oaxaca. Signature dishes include the “Mole Coloradito,” a braised duck in red mole sauce, and the “Tlayuda,” a large crispy tortilla topped with various toppings such as Oaxacan cheese, black beans, and meats.
  4. Mezcal and Beverage Program: Xochi boasts an impressive beverage program, with a focus on mezcal, a distilled spirit made from agave. Mezcal flights and cocktails highlight the variety and complexity of this traditional Mexican spirit. The restaurant also offers a selection of Mexican wines and craft cocktails that complement the flavors of the cuisine.
  5. Artistic Ambiance: The ambiance at Xochi reflects the artistic and cultural traditions of Oaxaca. The restaurant features colorful and vibrant decor, showcasing Mexican artwork and crafts. The dining space is designed to create an immersive experience, transporting guests to the vibrant streets of Oaxaca.
  6. Commitment to Sustainability: Xochi is committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing of ingredients. The restaurant prioritizes working with local farmers and purveyors who practice sustainable farming methods, and strives to use organic and seasonal produce whenever possible.
  7. Awards and Recognition: Xochi has received numerous accolades and recognition for its exceptional cuisine. It has been named among the best Mexican restaurants in the United States and has received James Beard Award nominations for its outstanding culinary achievements.

Xochi offers a culinary journey through the flavors and traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico, in the heart of Houston. With Chef Hugo Ortega’s expertise and commitment to authenticity, the restaurant provides a memorable dining experience that celebrates the richness of Mexican cuisine. view more

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