Top 10 FAQs About Electrocution Injury Attorneys & the Legal Process in Houston

Top 10 FAQs About Houston Electrocution Injury Attorneys.

The latest data shows that up to 4000 suffer an electrical accident at work annually. An electrocution injury is hazardous and means you are absent from work and end up without a working income. 

If you have had your life changed by an electrical injury, whether at work or on your own time, there are several steps you can follow to help you get the compensation you deserve.

For more information, keep reading the list of FAQs below. 

How Do These Accidents Happen?

You may think that electrical accidents only occur in areas of construction or electrical manufacturing. However, these incidents can happen in any line of work, and the workplace is not the only place they occur, as electrical faults that cause these kinds of injuries can happen anywhere.

Due to electricity being a part of our daily lives, electrical accidents are common. Having liquid near an electrical source is a common cause of electrical injury. 

Another way these kinds of accidents happen is through faulty wiring. This can lead to wires being open and easy to touch accidentally. Those who don’t know any better can reach for these wires, resulting in electrical injury. 

An electrical accident or injury can happen anywhere there is a source of electricity. 

What Are the Symptoms of Electrical Injuries?

If you have suffered from an electrical injury, you will have experienced a number of symptoms. You will have received a sharp and sudden shock to the area that came into contact with electricity for minor electric shocks. 

This can be painful and cause numbness or stiffness in the affected area. More severe electrical injuries can cause blisters and burns. 

The most severe electrical accidents will lead to unconsciousness, changes in pulse, and changes in breathing. An electrical accident can lead to death, so if you have experienced these symptoms, you must get seen at a hospital. 

What Am I Entitled from an Electrical Injury?

This will depend on the level of injury suffered and who was to blame. If you have been hospitalized due to your injury, you may be able to claim back some or all of your medical expenses from the responsible party or their insurer. 

You may also be entitled to income-based compensation if you cannot work due to your injury. This could include sick pay if the damage resulted from employer negligence. 

The compensation could also include emotional damages and the support needed to heal from your injury. 

What you are entitled to come down to the specific circumstances surrounding your injury. An electric shock lawyer can help you decide what compensation you would like to claim, and they can also help to assess how likely you are to get it. 

Is It Expensive To Hire an Electrical Injury Attorney?

Many electrical injury attorneys will work on a “no win, no fee” basis. However, if you have a legitimate claim, you can expect to gain compensation, which means you will pay your attorney

An electrical injury attorney may work hourly, so what you pay will depend on how long your lawyer worked on your case. It’s always worth paying what you need for your electrical injury lawyer to get the best compensation possible. 

Of course, in certain circumstances, part of the compensation you receive will go towards your attorney fees. You can negotiate this when deciding how much compensation you feel you deserve. 

Will I Need to Go to Court?  

Many compensation claims do not end up going to trial. An attorney can usually negotiate on your behalf with your employer to determine who was at fault for your accident.

However, more significant claims resulting in a dispute between the injured party and the party at fault may require a trial. A judge can determine who was to blame and how much compensation you will get as the injured party.

If you go to trial, you are entitled to representation by an attorney. They will build a case around your injuries and the damage that has affected your life due to the electrical accident. 

Who Gets the Blame for Electrical Accident Injuries? 

Electrical injuries are often caused by human error and negligence. In the workplace, they may come from poorly maintained wires or faulty construction work.

Employers are bound by law to keep their employees safe. So if you’ve suffered an electrical injury at work, you can claim against your employer. Hiring an experienced electrocution attorney will help you get the right compensation.

You will have to prove that the electrical injury was due to negligence on the part of your employer. For example, if you were doing something you know you shouldn’t have been, such as messing around with wires without the proper equipment and safety gear, you may not be able to claim. 

Outside of work, electrical injuries can be caused by negligence too. This could also be exposed or faulty wiring, leaving fluid near any electrical source. 

If you suffer an electrical injury outside of work, you should speak to an electrocution lawyer directly. They will guide you through the process of claiming compensation. They will also tell you if they think it’s likely you will be able to receive compensation for your injuries. 

What if I Have Been Left With Scars From My Injuries?

Removing scars is often considered cosmetic surgery; in normal circumstances, insurance companies usually don’t cover this. However, if you are being treated for scars caused by someone else’s negligence, you will likely claim this back during your compensation proceedings. 

Electrical injuries can cause burns that may lead to scarring. If you have suffered this as a result of negligence on the part of someone else, you may be able to receive compensation for the damage done. 

What Do I Do if a Family Member Has Been Electrocuted? 

A wrongful death lawsuit should be filed if a family member has been killed due to electrocution. Who can file this lawsuit will depend on state laws and who they were to the deceased person.

Generally, a surviving spouse and children can file this kind of lawsuit. Other family members can also do this, so it is best to check with your attorney. 

This kind of compensation can be used to help with funeral costs, any medical bills that may have been charged if the deceased person had been receiving treatment for their injuries, and the loss of income the dead person would have earned.

What Is the First Thing I Should Do After an Electrocution Injury?

Following an electrical injury, the first thing you should do is assess your symptoms. If the damage was severe enough to cause you to lose consciousness, anyone around you will likely call an ambulance and take you to the hospital. 

Following this, you may receive treatment for your injuries. Keep a record of the medicines you receive. The hospital will have a history of this and your injuries too. 

You should provide your electrical injury attorney with a copy of this record. They can use this to decide how much compensation you may be able to claim from a negligent party.

What if My Injury Was Not a Workplace Injury? 

Even if you didn’t suffer an electrical injury in your workplace, you could still get compensation. Electric accidents occur all the time outside of the workplace, and a guilty party usually has not warned other people about a wiring fault or other electricity-based danger.

If this happens to you, contact an electrical accident attorney. Tell them the circumstances of your injury and what it has cost you financially and mentally, and ask them if they think you have a claim. They will tell you what your next steps should be to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Get the Right Compensation for Your Electrical Injury

If you’ve suffered an electrocution injury, you must know your rights. Without this knowledge, you could miss out on vital compensation that can help get you back on track after an accident.

From paid time off to your medical bills getting paid for you, a Houston attorney can help you figure out what you’re entitled to. With the help of the top attorneys in Houston, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

If you have more questions, get in touch with the legal team. They’ll be happy to help you through the process of finding out everything you need to know about the compensation you’re entitled to. 

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