Advantages of Hiring a Houston Car Wreck Lawyer

Advantages Of Hiring a Car Wreck Attorney In Houston.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), one person in the state is injured every two minutes and 12 seconds due to a car crash. 

Suppose you’ve been seriously hurt in a car accident in Houston. In that case, you need the proper legal representation by your side. You deserve to spend the weeks and months following your injury resting and recuperating at home. 

It would be best if you didn’t have to stress about negotiating with your insurance agency, gathering evidence to support your case, and fighting for the compensation you deserve. A Houston car wreck lawyer can handle all those tasks and more. 

Today, we’re sharing the advantages of hiring an attorney to represent your case and how to get started right away. 

A Car Accident Lawyer Understands Texas Law

Depending on your state, different protocols dictate the type of action you should take after a car accident—many of these laws center on the issues of negligence and personal injury. If you aren’t well-versed in the legal space, navigating all of the differences can be confusing.

For instance, some states are no-fault states while others are at-fault states. Let’s take a closer look at what this means.

At-Fault vs. the No-Fault States

In a no-fault state, your auto insurer will pay for the cost of your bodily injuries up to a specific limit, no matter who was responsible for causing the accident. Drivers must carry mandatory personal injury protection (PIP) policy, and their state sets their minimum insurance requirements. The at-fault driver is still responsible for covering accident-related property damages. 

In an at-fault state, the liable party is the one who must pay your hospital bills. If you’re the injured party, you can sue the other driver and recover compensation for your pain and suffering. The insurer representing the liable party will be the one who pays your claim. 

Texas is an at-fault state, but it isn’t relatively that straightforward. It also operates under what’s known as a “comparative fault” jurisdiction. This means that any driver who is fully responsible or at least 50% responsible for causing the accident is the one held accountable. 

As you might imagine, it can be difficult to prove exactly who caused the accident, let alone the percentage of blame they should carry. Yet, these are the intricacies a car accident lawyer is skilled in. They’ll understand the Texas law through and through and can guide you on how to proceed. 

Your Lawyer Can Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Communicating and negotiating with insurance agents is one of a car accident’s most challenging and frustrating parts. You should be attending doctor visits and focusing on healing. Instead, you’re stuck in an endless cycle of long phone calls and long wait times. 

Then, when you connect with the other driver’s insurance company, the payout they offer you is far less than what you need and deserve. Without a lawyer by your side, you might be tempted to take this offer and put the whole ordeal behind you.

Instead, allow your legal team to take the reins for you. They know how to talk to insurers and are familiar with all the tactics they use. They can negotiate fair and honest compensation for you and help you avoid some common mechanisms to intimidate you.

They’ll be able to calculate precisely how much money you need to cover the full scope of your care. This includes any physical injuries you’ve sustained as a result of the accident, as well as psychological ones. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll have adequate funds to cover your needs. 

They Know How to Calculate Your Compensation

How much money do you need to get confidently back on your feet and behind the wheel following an accident? It can be challenging to assign a dollar amount to your case, but you need to know its worth. 

A car accident lawyer will know how to factor in all of the costs you have incurred since that time. This way, you can clearly see how much money you need to recover. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Past, current, and future medical costs associated with accident injuries
  • Cost of lost wages
  • The emotional cost of pain and suffering

The at-fault party should be the one responsible for covering these costs. In addition to the baseline amount necessary, they may also be required to pay more if you can prove that they acted grossly negligently. 

They’ll Protect You From Incriminating Statements.

When you’re the one communicating with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, it’s easy to say the wrong thing. You’re still reeling from the accident, and you’re understandably upset. Yet, the company will request a written or verbal statement detailing your version of events. 

In your quest to explain what happened as thoroughly as possible, you could easily say something that puts some of the blame on your shoulders. Even if you misspoke and that wasn’t the case, the insurance company will take that statement and run with it. Then, they could use that information to minimize or even eliminate your damages. 

This is a common tactic against inexperienced drivers in this realm. Insurance adjusters are experts at taking phrases and accounts out of context, and they can use your own words against you. 

Before speaking to any representative, call your car accident lawyer first, and they can walk you through what to say. This way, you can accurately answer all the questions you’re given without divulging too much information. 

They Can Connect You With Medical Professionals

If you’ve experienced any injuries after a car accident, you need to receive prompt medical care. Even if you look and feel OK, some soft-tissue injuries may not manifest until a few days or weeks later.

Suppose you already have a trusted physician capable of attending to your needs. In that case, you might not need your lawyer to assist with this step. However, your attorney will have a vast network of medical professionals you can contact depending on the type of services you require. 

This way, you can prove that you took timely action to address and help heal your injuries. Otherwise, it might raise suspicion if you claim to have suffered an injury but never received medical care for it. 

They Can Investigate and Determine Negligence

As mentioned, Texas is an at-fault state. This means that if you can prove that the other driver is liable for the collision, their insurance agency will be responsible for covering your physical injuries and any property damage that your vehicle sustained. 

Yet, this process can be more arduous than you might imagine. 

Sometimes, police reports will include information on events before the collision. However, this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, they list the details surrounding the accident scene. 

It can be challenging to discern the truth behind your case using only this data. You need legal help to dissect what went on in the moments preceding your accident. A car wreck lawyer in Houston can speak to eyewitnesses, take their statements, and piece together a clear and accurate account of what happened.

In addition, they can also gather and analyze other critical pieces of information, such as:

  • Your medical records
  • Images from the accident 
  • Videos from the accident 

A lawyer can even issue a subpoena to access evidence that could support your case, such as security video footage. Then, they can use this evidence to prove that the other party is at fault by presenting it as required. If you can prove that the other driver is at least 50% responsible for what occurred, you’ll have a more substantial chance of winning your case.

They’re Familiar With Statutes of Limitations

It might seem like a long time, but two years can fly by when you’re recovering from a car accident. That’s how long you must file a claim once the accident occurs. It can be terminated if you attempt to file a claim after this deadline. 

If you work with a car accident lawyer, they’ll keep a close eye on this timeframe. They’ll ensure that you have access to the forms you need and that you can complete them promptly. If any issues prevent you from filing on time, they will work proactively to solve them. 

You don’t want to miss out on your compensation due to a technicality. Your lawyer will keep you informed on all of the statutes of limitations that apply to your claim. 

They’ll Grant You Valuable Peace of Mind.

Despite our best-attempt efforts to do everything ourselves, it’s always more reassuring to see someone competent and experienced take charge. You’ll feel this as soon as you sign on the dotted line and begin a partnership with your lawyer. 

An attorney can help you look at the collision with new eyes. Then, they’ll help you understand every step of the legal process that relates to your case. The more you know, the more manageable the situation becomes, and the better you can sleep at night. 

The reality is that a car accident can plague your mind, amplifying your stress levels and even putting you at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. If you can offset even a portion of that turmoil by working with a lawyer, then it’s worth it. 

They Can Help You Receive Your Compensation More Quickly

Suppose you turn down the insurance company’s initial offer. In that case, you could be waiting a long time to reach a favorable settlement. As you wait, unpaid bills are heaping up on the counter, and your other debts are still going unmet. This can wreak havoc on your financial health and make getting back on your feet down the road even more challenging. 

A lawyer can cut through the red tape and help put money into your pocket quicker. They’ll work swiftly and professionally to explain what happened, prove negligence, and ensure you receive an appropriate payout. 

They Can Represent You in Court

Most car accident claims are settled outside of court. However, there are some in which both parties cannot reach a cooperative agreement. 

If that’s the case, then your claim will go to court. While you can choose to represent yourself during the trial, it’s wise to partner with an experienced attorney instead. They will understand what the jury is looking for and how to explain your case most convincingly. 

They can also call upon expert witnesses highly adept in a given field, such as car accident reconstructions or medical knowledge. These experts can provide a credible report on what likely happened during the accident and can make your case stronger. 

Do You Need a Houston Car Wreck Lawyer?

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, it’s time to seek legal help. When you partner with a Houston car wreck lawyer, you’re one step closer to receiving the compensation you need to move forward. 

A lawyer can fight for your rights, uncover evidence, and prove liability. They can also expedite the compensation process, represent you in court, and deliver valuable peace of mind when needed. 

If you need legal assistance following a wreck in Houston, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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